Infinitearm: The Monitor Arm with Infinite Possibilities

Switch from landscape
to portrait mode

With little effort, the screen can be rotated
360°, not only from portrait to landscape or
vice versa.

Smooth Flexible Movement

Through the usage of high quality materials and innovative spring
technology, infinitearm is able to create a stable monitor arm with
dynamic movement.

Swivel and Spring ensures minimal effort from the user to adjust the
position of the monitor without any compromise.

3 Years Warranty

We take our customer service very seriously. When you purchase
from us, we provide you with the best support possible from our
technical and enginerring team. We believe in supporting
customers, rather than a sell-and-forget policy.

Send us an email or drop us a message and you will receive a
response to your enquiry within 24 working hours.

Modular Solution

With infinitearm, it provides a scalable solution that allows the monitor arm to suit the user’s
changing needs. When more monitors are required, simply add an arm to a single arm setup and
it becomes dual screen capable, with futher options for triple or multi-monitor solutions.


Used and trusted by many

We have been in this industry for more than 10 years, working with
many companies in different environments such as restaurants,
factories, corporate offices and even medical centers, helping them
improve their workspace ergonomics to increase work health and

We get it.
It is hard to make a decision now

Arrange with us to come by your office for a product demostration
so that we can explain more in detail and let you experience the product.

No obligations. We just want the best for you. 

Basic Models