Installing Infinitearm in 5 simple steps

Simple steps to setup your monitors

1. Fix on the base

C-Clamp Mount: Tighten the screw firmly onto the table.

Gromment Mount: Drill a 12mm hole to allow the screw to go through and tighten it onto the table firmly.

Wall Mount: Take off the top and bottom covers and make markings on the wall where the screw will be.
Drill the screws in and fit the covers back.

2. Adjust and tighten the cable management clip

Use the allen key provide to adjust and tighten the cable management clip. This clip also helps to fix the monitors at a general level.
So if you wish to raise the general level of your monitors higher or lower, adjust this clip.

3. Slot in the U shape joint (Skip this step if Single Monitor Setup)

This is for setups that have two or more monitors side by side. Single monitor setups can skip this step.

4. Slot in the Arms

Swivel Models: Slide on one swivel arm after the other.
First onto the pole and the second onto the tip of the first arm. (Arms must be pointed upwards)

Spring Models: Slide on the swivel arm first, and followed by the spring arm.
First arm onto the pole and second onto the tip of the first arm. (Arms must be pointed upwards)

5. Fix monitor head with thumb screws and clip it on

Fit our monitor bracket on the back of your monitor and fasten it tightly using the given 4 thumb screws.